I Like to Drink and Dress

Some of my favorite events of the year happen in the fall: DragonCon in Atlanta, The MD RennFest, my birthday, and Halloween. Do you know what these things have in common? For me, they usually involve getting dolled up in a costume and drinking together with other friends in costumes. Pirate garb is a common theme for most of these events and DragonCon, being an everything-pop-culture-convention, may result in wearing any number of strange outfits from comics, video games, or movies and TV.

And also more drinking.


It’s a great excuse to see friends who I only get to spend time with a few occasions every year, and to do so in silly outfits, beer in hand. Here’s my crew representing Parks and Rec.


I also like to stuff my poor, long-suffering husband in a costume most years and this year I think he liked his comfier-than-normal Jedi outfit. I think he had fun with this one.


I managed to meet the Lead Writer of the Dragon Age series, Patrick Weekes, who is a sweetheart and a half. He has what I think might maybe be my dream job (a team writer for a video game franchise AND a freelance novelist). I should have picked his brain more!


The weekend after DragonCon, we celebrated a friend’s birthday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. RennFest days usually involve parking our butts on a bench at one of the taverns and drinking the day away. We are simple creatures, after all.


Gosh my friends are pretty!

FullSizeRender 4


Shaky Hands Can Still Type


We all have our vices. Writers aren’t known as drunks, madmen, and emotionally unstable nocturnal beasts creeping around the edge of society for nothing. Drinking, drugs, and dying young are some of the many curses that the artist suffers. But delving into the dark depths of the mind can be unsettling and we must find ways to cope with it.

Lately, I’ve chosen coffee and sweet snacks. I’ve been able to kick the sweets (and am on my way to losing some much-un-needed weight) but the coffee is my crutch. More so than even red wine (which I drink many nights when I am writing), that black brew calls out to me with a siren song that I cannot ignore.

If I’m not drinking wine for creative work, I’m drinking coffee to straight up take care of business. It’s not the best but it can’t be all bad: I’m not dead yet and I’m almost 30. That’s pretty good for an artist.