I Like to Drink and Dress

Some of my favorite events of the year happen in the fall: DragonCon in Atlanta, The MD RennFest, my birthday, and Halloween. Do you know what these things have in common? For me, they usually involve getting dolled up in a costume and drinking together with other friends in costumes. Pirate garb is a common theme for most of these events and DragonCon, being an everything-pop-culture-convention, may result in wearing any number of strange outfits from comics, video games, or movies and TV.

And also more drinking.


It’s a great excuse to see friends who I only get to spend time with a few occasions every year, and to do so in silly outfits, beer in hand. Here’s my crew representing Parks and Rec.


I also like to stuff my poor, long-suffering husband in a costume most years and this year I think he liked his comfier-than-normal Jedi outfit. I think he had fun with this one.


I managed to meet the Lead Writer of the Dragon Age series, Patrick Weekes, who is a sweetheart and a half. He has what I think might maybe be my dream job (a team writer for a video game franchise AND a freelance novelist). I should have picked his brain more!


The weekend after DragonCon, we celebrated a friend’s birthday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. RennFest days usually involve parking our butts on a bench at one of the taverns and drinking the day away. We are simple creatures, after all.


Gosh my friends are pretty!

FullSizeRender 4

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