Birb by Birb (peep peep!)


I’m reading Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird as I travel to Portland today (with two stops and one plane change – ugh!). I just wanted to share a passage with you that I loved so much, I underlined it in the only writing utensil I could find in my bag – a stubby little less pencil with a cheap eraser. 



This is a reality we must accept – most of us will never be published. Is being published really the be-all end-all of writing? Not for everyone. It is for me because of my massive ego, but I know that it isn’t the same goal that all writers hold. There’s nothing wrong with writing just for the sake of writing. Art for art’s sake, after all. 

So go on. Write. You’ll find an agent when you’re ready. But first you have to make. To do. To create. To finish.  

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