You’ll Never Believe!


I suspect we’ve all seen those ads or links pop up on the web that read: Lose Belly Fat With This One Weird Tip or Suburban Housewife Discovers One Secret To Making Money.

I know I see these and think, “One? That’s it? It’s all down to one little thing? Can it possibly be that simple?” Well, I don’t actually know about the belly fat or whatever; I’ve never clicked one of those.

What I really want to know is if this idea of One Weird Thing exists in writing, too. Can we narrow down all of the important traits of what makes writing good into just one simple concept? Into one sentence? One weird thing?

I think we can. And here it is:

Be interesting.

Sounds simple, right? I wish it were, but it’s not. After all, how do we define “interesting?” It’s different for everyone. Agents, readers, publishers, contest judges, editors: each one is going to have a unique idea of what interesting is.

So here’s some personal advice from me to you: I was once told to write the book that I would want to read. The lesson being that you should write what you find interesting and know that the path to success begins there.