A Vacation from Writing

Vacation is meant to be good for the mind and body both. Studies suggest a correlation between taking plenty of leisure time and a decrease in disease and depression. Not to mention that getting away from it all is an important part of remembering to value “it all” upon return.

I need a vacation. My god, do I ever.

So why, then, am I taking my writing tablet with me to the beach for four days? Dunno – maybe I’m some kind of masochist. I can’t imagine taking time off from working on my novel (which only gets part time attention, anyway) and, since I only just feel like I got my chapter-writing mojo back the other day, I sure don’t want to lose it!

I love writing, though. I really do. So if you love what you do, do you still need a vacation from it sometimes? Well, yeah. Sure you do. You can love your kids to death but still need time away from them, right?

Thing is, real life is sort of like a vacation from fiction writing. And I know that sounds strange, but the daily rut of cook, clean, run errands, take care of parrots, write freelance work assignments, etc becomes a semi-mindless escape from the kind of work that I pour so much imagination and emotional energy into. So how do you get away from a getaway? Well, I guess you work.


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