For the Love of Peer Editing


The last time most of us likely heard the phrase “peer editing” may have been in high school or introductory college courses. Understandably so — after all, the peer editing process is fairly foreign to most workplaces. When it comes to my work, however, I’ve found nothing to be more helpful than workshopping short stories or novel chapters with fellow writers.

Few audiences are better suited to give feedback on one another’s work than writers who are in roughly the same place with their own projects. Writers are naturally careful and attentive readers. And if there is one thing that a writer looking to finish a project and eventually get published, it is a fellow strong reader.

From a personal standpoint, I have become a significantly better writer and reader since joining a peer editing group of fellow writers in my area. The regular meetings push me to read and write more, better, faster, and with great attention to detail. Perhaps this approach isn’t for everyone, but I know that it has done wonders for me as a working professional.

No writer is a island, I believe I have said, and I know it to be true in so many ways. We learn from one another, are inspired by each other’s works, and can gain experience and know-how from working together to improve our work as a group.

If you’re looking for peer editing and writing groups in your area, try out That’s where I lucked out in finding my group and I hope that you can be nearly as lucky as I was when it comes to finding a group of fellow writers to work with .


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